How to website design layout trends in 2016

Website design layout invariably changes as a result of same layout design is bed result on the business. Similar to the other field of design, net style trends return and go along with the passing of your time. Not like several different fields, however, net style includes a relentless driver to change: technology. as a result of the idea of the platform is ever dynamic , a number of the trends in style for the net are as a results of enhancements to what is potential the maximum amount as a mirrored image on dynamic  style.

2015 has been a stimulating year in terms of website design perth. The visual landscape for net designers has remained mostly because it was in 2014, with solely a refinement of the minimalist approach that has become widespread over the past few years. beneath the aesthetic treatment of pages, however, the net has been quietly progressing.

website design perth

Bellow Some Points of website design layouts trends in 2016

  1. Front-page Carousels

These days, carousels appear to be everyplace. they will add visual interest and scale back muddle. however with their overwhelming use, they’ve created plenty of web sites feel kitchen utensil.

Not to mention, there’s AN argument that this can be one trend we must always place to rest.

A few things to consider:

  • Carousels are dangerous for SEO. The shortage of content means it’s troublesome to induce Meta info into a page. This can be very true as Google not crawls meta keywords (although Bing does) then can take keyword info from the page. Of course, you’ll be able to have the word count below the carousel, within the body of the page. Most sliders though’ contain headers that are wrapped in H1, and these modification once the slider will and in and of itself, devalue keywords among them.
  • Adversely have an effect on performance. Usually carousels contain high-res pictures that ar under-optimized and in and of itself, weigh down the load time of the front page – that because the most vital page on the positioning ought to load as quickly as potential. Sliders conjointly build use of JavaScript or jQuery, which might conjointly boost performance headaches.
  • Pushes Content down below the fold. Whereas higher than the fold content is probably not as vital because it once was (we all skills to scroll these days), it’s still not counseled by Google that you just push content lower down the page. Whereas the search giant’s recommendations are supported ad content higher than the fold, a carousel very doesn’t supply a lot of within the manner important to the user – it’s simply pretty.
  • Tends to be inaccessible. Even the simplest frameworks out there can’t absolutely solve the problems of accessibility that surround carousels as there is such a large amount of to deal with.

All of this can be to not say that you just shouldn’t use carousels in the least in your styles, however you ought to have an honest reason for his or her inclusion other than that the shopper likes it. Carousels will work, however they ought to be fastidiously crafted and optimized to make sure that they don’t compromise married woman and accessibility.

The slippy animation powering carousels, as an example, is definitely a useful gizmo for different style components. As an example, you’ll be able to strive a slippy navigation drawer for your mobile viewport. As shown within the below image created in UXPin with the no-code animations editor, the slippy animation permits the user to “shelve” and reveal content pro re nata.

  1. Almost-Flat style

Before the almost-flat or semi-flat net design, there was the flat design. the thought behind the latter was a glance stripped of all fluff and frills – victimisation daring colours, easy shapes and straightforward typography. the foremost well-known example is that the Windows eight interface – that didn’t move, sadly.

So, to eliminate the issues of flat style whereas maintaining its higher qualities, designers came up with almost-flat. Here, some components ar given depth and dimension to balance out the flatness of the opposite components. Gmail best demonstrates the sweetness of almost-flat style, as shown below.

  1. Vertical Patterns and Scrolling

A bigger leaning toward mobile – with some thinking mobile traffic might equal desktop traffic this year – suggests that a lot of sites ar being designed with vertical user flows.

A few years agene, we tend to were all debating the tip of the net style solely to search out it roaring back as a vital interaction tool. Smaller screens lead users to scroll a lot of and designers to make user interfaces that ar way more vertical in nature.

  1. Block grids

The page is split into many blocks – symmetrical or asymmetrical. These blocks could also be all identical size, if the weather are of equal importance, or completely different sizes, primarily based upon the order of importance of the content that’s displayed. These modules is used on pages aside from simply the house page, and, also ar designed to be versatile, therefore on modification size to suit full laptop screens or reduced to suit screens of mobile devices.

The first example below is for ‘Greats’, a corporation that markets men’s shoes primarily via its web site. the web site functions as its showcase or catalogue, and, as a result of all shoes ar of equal importance, the grid is in equal blocks.

  1. High-Quality Static pictures

Think your website’s too plain? strive adding a picture or 2 to the background. It is one, conspicuous icon spanning the complete page, or a series of photos that tell your brand’s story.

  1. Responsive Frontend Frameworks

Frontend frameworks like Bootstrap are around for years and still prove helpful on comes each personal and skilled. Responsive style has forced its manner into frameworks and created a requirement for frontend code rather than simply backend (Django, Laravel, etc).

Aarchi infotech Solutions  is offer all website design layout are completely different as a result of website design Perth invariably produce distinctive, user friendly and SEO friendly layout.

How to make effective website design perth prospectively?

web design

Fresh and Effective website design perth is a lot like a well-built home. It can look majestic on the outside but if it is not structurally sound and liveable, it will not be habitable. What I mean by this is that the quality of a website does not realy solely on how it looks, but rather its usability. Sure, you don’t want a dull looking website, but the main focus should be to More facilitate the needs of the all user, which usually includes the following:

Navigational – browsing your website
Information – seeking information about your product or service
Commercial / Transactional – looking to purchase from you

The first step to an effective web design is to understand your audience and their intent, and then determine how to design your website to cater for your users’ needs.

It is important to remember that all elements of web design are there to deliver content to the user, it should tell a story about the business, product or service. This article is going to look at the principles of an effective web design.

Colour, typography and images

The right balance of these many design principles can create a sleek and professional look for a website and help it stand out from your competitors. It is also vital to achieve well-balanced graphical components, because no matter how good your content is, no one will want to stay on the page if the visuals are jarring.


Those of you who know the term ‘colour psychology’ will no doubt be familiar with how colours affect mood. While it might seem logical to coat your page with the palette of your company logo, research suggests that this may be a bad thing. Vibrant and contrasting colours stimulate an emotional response, and are best used sparingly on ‘attention grabbers’ such as buttons and call to actions.


I am writing the first part of this in Comic Sans. Notice how distracting it is? Typography is very important for your online readers, and the best fonts to use are Sans Serif, Arial and Verdana. Font size is debatable, I generally go for a font size of 12, however in some cases, a font size of 16 can work well. It comes back to understanding your target audience and asking yourself what they would prefer, even better, ask a few customers personally.

White space

White space (also called ‘negative space’) is the portion of a page left “empty”. It’s the space between graphics, margins, gutters, space between columns, space between lines of type or visuals.

It should not be considered merely ‘blank’ space — it is an important element of design. It enables the objects in it to exist at all. White space is all about the use of hierarchy. The hierarchy of information, be it type, colour or images.

A page without white space, crammed full of text or graphics, runs the risk of appearing busy, cluttered, and is typically difficult to read (people won’t even bother). This is why simple websites are scientifically better.

Enough white space makes a website look ‘clean’. While clean design is crucial to communicating a clear message, it doesn’t just mean less content. Clean design means a design that makes the best use of the space it is in. To make a clean design, you have to know how to communicate clearly by using white space wisely.

Make it easy to scan your pages

People will not spend 5 minutes trying to figure out what your website is about and what it has to offer. The best way to ensure you’re getting the right information out to your reader is to make the page easy to scan. Use proper H tags (similar to how this post is using h3 tags) to focus on the important items. You can also use pull quotes, block quotes and images.

Optimize website load times

If there’s one recurring theme in this entire article it is the fact that visitors are impatient. You need to build your website with optimal speeds and allow your page to load in around 1-2 seconds. You can do this by making sure your css files are compressed, using the google hosted javascript files and ensure your page is coded and designed with optimal speeds in mind.

Choose the right fonts and sizes

I have only recently got into typography and have realized that it is a highly important aspect of web design. Making your section titles the right size and making sure the fonts you’re using will greatly effect the experience your visitors have when viewing your websites. Generally speaking, you should use one main font for the content and then you may switch the titles of the pages to a different font.

Set your navigation up properly

If you’ve got a sign up page on your website, maybe you’ll have your main navigation in a blue color, while the sign up button is in a green color. Regardless, you’ll want to make your navigation easy to spot and easy to use.

User experience

The less a user has to think when they arrive at your site, the better their experience will be. The keep-it-simple-stupid (KISS) method works particularly well with design. In fact, a lack of complexity might benefit the site more than a beautiful layout, because the information on the site is free from distraction and easier to understand.

Mobile responsive

Pretty much everyone has mobile devices that can access the internet. If you think about how often we are glued to them (well I am), it is highly disadvantageous if your site is not mobile responsive. A responsive website will adjust to different device screen widths. Accessing a desktop site on a mobile device is clunky and can deter a user. I would consider a separate mobile version, generally for SEO reasons.

Why SEO services is necessary for Business

Search Engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s additional unremarkably illustrious, is one in all the foremost misunderstood and misinterpreted terms within the world of selling. Whereas SEO has been painted as some kind of secret that needs AN intimate data of the web, at its core it’s a promoting tool. SEO’s unfair characterization as some reasonably voodoo over the past decade has caused several otherwise savvy business folks to devalue its importance as a part of a decent, solid promoting set up for tiny, mid-sized, and huge businesses.

SEO Service Perth

In reality, SEO could be a terribly viable promoting outlet that may, once paired with well-designed landing pages and literary content, bring a business qualified leads and customers. Moreover, studies have shown that SEO will have a more robust come back on investment (ROI) than ancient sorts of promoting, like TV or print ads.

And though it’s not some kind of magic, SEO alone isn’t about to rework your business from a store in your parents’ basement to a Fortune five hundred company. SEO works best once it’s a district of AN overall promoting set up. Still not convinced? Here are our Few Reasons Why SEO services are therefore necessary for Businesses:

  1. SEO is sweet for Business Visibility and stigmatisation

When folks seek for your merchandise or services, you clearly wish to look as high within the programme rankings as doable, however the explanations for this ar over simply because you wish them to click through to your web site. In fact, there’s an exact quantity useful in merely showing in search results for terms directly associated with your business. As an example, most searchers don’t simply merely search once, click on some websites, and be finished it. Instead they search, click on some websites, edit their search terms, search once more, click on some websites, more hone their search terms, search once more, and so on.

This means that if you’ll regularly show altogether these numerous search results that you simply ar gaining additional and additional traction with every potential client. Chances are high that superb that they’re going to eventually click through to your web site, and since you regularly displayed altogether their search results, they’re going to trust you that way more.

  1. SEO Provides credibleness for Your Business

Consumers create mental notes of the businesses that show up in Google and on different search engines. it’s going to be a subconscious note for a few, however they are doing however. Within the minds of customers, your ranking becomes a vote of confidence. Which will sound a trifle exaggerated, however analysis has shown that higher search rankings cause additional credibleness within the eyes of customers.

  1. SEO Brings Your Business Traffic

Sure, by itself, traffic isn’t about to cause you to any cash, however the primary step in changing a client to a client is to induce them within the door, so-to-speak. All those folks looking out on the web day and night aren’t essentially about to cause you to any cash, however chances are high that that quite few of them can eventually become your customers owing to your search ranking. rather like in a very brick-and-mortar front, you continue to got to create your best effort to sell to your customers once they create contact with you (in this case, through your website) and it’s higher to try and do business on a proverbial “crowded street corner” than it’s to line up look on a “deserted island.”

  1. SEO Has one in all the most effective ROI’s in Advertising

SEO rewards your business for its efforts at a better rate than just about the other ancient sorts of offline advertising — an equivalent will be aforesaid for nearly every type of web promoting. the rationale for this can be as a result of SEO is AN arriving promoting strategy; which implies it permits you to plug to folks once they ar craving for the merchandise and services your business provides. You don’t got to interrupt their favorite TV show; you don’t got to take up area on a page wherever they’re reading a news story. you simply show up once they ar craving for the services or merchandise you offer. You don’t got to persuade them they have your product or service as a result of they’re already craving for it. All you’ve got to try and do is persuade them that you simply ar the proper business to buy from. In different words, with SEO, 0.5 the legwork is already in hot water you.

Remember that SEO is a component of a bigger promoting set up. Aarchi infotech solutions are provide professional SEO services in Perth. We are proper promote your business then increase your business .SEO is more effect on your business because this way easy convert business. Continue reading

Which PHP Framework is best in website development?

Website development perth

Website Development is very important part of all process while creating your image in web. People are creating their identities online to bring improvements in their business. We are providing website development Perth in all frameworks like laravel, phalcon and codelniter.

  1. Laravel

Laravel is undisputedly the king of PHP frameworks and spans the widths and depths of large scale web application development. Laravel ecosystem has quickly grown huge with supportive community and boasts tons of free tutorials and learning resources to get you started within no time..its maximum use

Laravel is built to be simple, easy to learn and supports rapid application development. You get rich set of features to bring any large scale project to life within days. Laravel comes with its own templating engine named “Blade”. The best thing about Blade is that it allows you to write plain PHP in the templates which essentially means that Blade brings no performance overheads to your application.

Another power fact about Laravel is the inclusion of “Homestead” which is the packaged Vagarant box to let you start development without the hassles of installing web server, HHVM, PHP or any other package on your local machine or server.

New to the world of Laravel or PHP development, no problems, there is a dedicated website named that hosts hundreds of PHP video tutorials. You can access the basic tutorials as well as most advanced ones to master Laravel at a very minimal cost.

Laravel team has recently released “Lumen”, a micro PHP framework for the web developers who like to build lightning fast API’s as well as Laravel based services.

  1. Phalcon

Considered as one of the fastest PHP Frameworks, Phalcon is a web framework implemented as a C extension offering high performance and lower resource consumption. Some of the excellent features included within this PHP Framework are translations, security, assets management, universal auto-loader and many more. You can use Phalcon for developing full MVC applications viz: single-module, multi-module and micro applications.

Phalcon is a web framework implemented as a C extension offering high performance and lower resource consumption.

Exclusive Features

Learning curve is pretty easy

Easy to use ORM

Little overhead as compared to other frameworks

Native namespaces so that you can differentiate between similar class names or controllers and create bundles or modules easily.

Direct Injection that facilitates easy-to-create software which tests end to end applications.

  1. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a small footprint, built for those who required a simple, yet elegant toolkit to build fully-featured web applications. It requires nearly zero configuration, with no restrictive coding rules, and offers simple solutions to complex application requirements. CodeIgniter features a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. It’s exceptionally fast, as its core system only requires a few small libraries, with additional libraries loaded dynamically upon requests, based on your needs for a given process. This means the base system is both lean and agile. As CodeIgniter uses the MVC controller approach, it allows for great separation between logic and presentation, particularly useful for projects in which designers are working on template files.

Aarchi Infotech Solutions, Perth Australia is here to help you. We have promising experts who are involved in website development perth to give you the best functionality as you want. It is our responsibility to make your website presentable, interesting with great functionality to create or increase your web presence on Internet which can lead to increase your revenues.

Why Choose Responsive web design

Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, Mobile phones and tabs, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the users preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget on the market.

website design perth
website design perth

So now you understand what responsive web design is, perhaps we should have a rundown of the benefits.

One Website, Many Devices and View

One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes. This is an important characteristic, since it is impossible to anticipate all the devices and screen sizes searchers will use to access your site. A site that works well regardless of these variables will provide a better and more consistent user-experience than a separate mobile site that is designed for a specific device and screen size.

Let’s take the following example. Someone searches for a product on their smartphone during a lunch break at work. They find a site that has the product they’re looking for, and decide to continue researching this product on the same site when they get home. Except, when they get home, they will use their desktop instead of their Smartphone.

If the site in this example is responsive, this person will have a positive user-experience when transitioning from mobile to desktop because they will view the same site on their desktop as they did on their Smartphone. On the other hand, if the site is a dedicated mobile site, this person will become frustrated with the fact that they have to locate the desktop version of the site, and find the product all over again.

Future proofing. Responsive sites work well across the multitude of existing devices on the market. It’s a safe bet it will for considerable time to come. Show compares responsive website design future is secure.

Better, faster, smarter user experience. Optimizing your site no matter what the user chooses to view it on makes their life easier. Happier customers mean a happier business. Responsive web design is user friendly.

Cost Effective. Responsive sites take a little longer to put together, but they survive longer and the unified approach means management, support and upgrades only need be applied to one place. That saves time and money. Responsive website design are cost are normal to compare static design.

SEO optimized. Managing SEO for separate mobile and desktop sites is hard and doesn’t produce great results. Google actually recommends a responsive approach to combat these problems and a consolidated view of your results means more focus. Google crawler is always first priority of responsive web design because Google search in all devices

Aarchi Infotech Solutions provides best website design services in Perth. Our website design is a responsive, SEO friendly, high speed and low cost effective.

How can you make SEO successful ?

SEO strategies have gone through incredible amounts of evolution over the last year. From algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda to new search engine restrictions on over optimization and spammy links, optimization methods for getting the best rankings in search engines all across the web have advanced. The recent power of social sharing has had a huge effect on search, and search engine company recommendations to get the best rankings in their search engines have changed as crawl tactics are getting smarter. SEOs of all levels have had to re-learn strategies and best practices to make sure their website’s SEO is set up for winning results.

Aarchi Infotech Solution, Perth is proud to be specialized in SEO. We guaranteed result in given time. We have successful history for many of our clients. We are able to help you to take your business to new height with our different SEO techniques. We are one stop solution for all your web solution needs mainly Web Design, Web Development and SEO services Perth. Please feel free to contact and discuss your requirements. We will look after your needs and budget in return will give you guaranteed result.

seo services perth

SEO rules are nothing more than guidelines on how to approach your blogging projects. Success or failure depends on your objectives but in general these 10 SEO rules are everything you need to know to stay in the right track. It is worth noting that besides small businesses the majority of people pursuing online success are bloggers. One of the most difficult tasks especially for beginners to blogging is identifying what works in terms of SEO and website promotion and what can get you in trouble. The plethora of SEO services Perth tips and advice on the web makes the situation worse because you don’t know who to trust and why.

  1. You need to make sure that your domain is ‘clean’

Sometimes this is the root cause of blogging failure. This happens when people purchase a domain without knowing the history behind it. When a domain is penalized by Google it is sometimes very difficult to recover and this makes your job harder. Beginners may lose their hope and give up believing that what they are doing is not generating any results while the real cause of the problem is the fact that the domain has a penalty. Similar is the situation when your own domain is penalized after a Google update. In such cases it may be easier to forget about it and start clean on a new domain rather than trying to fix it by removing the imposed penalties.

  1. You need to create a professional looking website

A professionally designed website that is also SEO optimized is more attractive for users and search engines. Design and user experience is now more important than ever. By professional design we don’t always mean that you have to buy a theme or hire a designer. There are many free themes for your blogging platform that are optimized for search engines and with a bit of work on the design you can create a nice and professional website.

3 You need to create a fast website

We are living a period where speed rules the web. All technology companies are trying to make the web faster and Google is leading the way by making their products faster and by adding speed as one of the ranking factors. Their goal is to help users find what they want in the fastest possible way, that’s why the produce fast pcs, fast browsers and they operate the World’s most popular and fastest search engine!A fast loading website encourages users to visit more pages keeping them more time on the site. In addition, various studies have also shown that fast websites produce better conversions.

4 You need to register with Google authorship

Google authorship is one of the ways to build website trust. SEO has moved away from link building and more importance is given to trusted authors and high quality websites.Google authorship is a first attempt from Google to break the anonymity of the web and associate a human identity with the content available in their search engine. Their goal is to give more preference to content that is produced by experts and people who are trusted versus content that is published on the web without a valid identity.

5 You need to publish long quality content

It seems that both quality and quantity are important for achieving high rankings. If you regularly publish high quality content that is also more than 1500 words, you are better off than bloggers who publish mediocre content that is also short in length. A number of people may disagree that content length is important for rankings but for some niches this is 100% true. Some tests have shown that articles that spam over 1500 words are more likely to rank higher than shorter articles but the best way to find out if this is true or not is to check with your niche. Search Google for a number of terms and check the top positions. If the returned results satisfy the above rule then most probably these claims are applicable for your niche as well.

6 You need to follow Copywriting tips

When you are ready to publish your next blog post, before hitting the publish button make sure that you have followed copyright tips.Proper copywriting can help good content stand out or even make not so good content look better.

7 Don’t forget about on-page SEO

You cannot refer to SEO rules without taking into account on page SEO. Under some circumstances I would say that SEO rules and on page SEO are the same thing but the way that the SEO industry is changing, makes it necessary to distinguish between the two. SEO Rules cover a more broad area that goes outside the boundaries of a website while on-page SEO is about the page itself and how to optimize it better.

8 Socialize Media

Social is the new way to market your website. Social media marketing is an integrated part of digital marketing and one of the most efficient ways to promote your website and brand across the web.Besides the marketing aspect, by ‘socializing‘ you are not only benefiting in terms of SEO but you also get maximum return from your promotion efforts.

9 Be careful with off page SEO

This is not the right period to practice link building. If you still believe that SEO is about building links to gain rankings then you are living in the wrong decade! After April 2012 SEO has changed and the focus is once more into creating high quality websites and less into trying to manipulate Google algorithms.Off page SEO is still important but the rules have changed and adopting practices of the past will get you into trouble. Instead of rushing into creating low quality links, purchasing link packages or hiring a fake SEO company, you better use your time and money efficiently by creating top quality content .

10 Respect your audience

SEO is about the user and one of the things you need to do is respect your audience. In my view respect has to do with: Providing accurate information – nobody can tell you what to write in your blog but if you provide information that is not accurate is like telling your readers not to trust you again. Providing up-to date information – nobody wants to read outdated news or information. Even if it is an old article, if there are new developments in the area it is your responsibility to update the page to reflect the recent changes.Making your website accessible to a number of devices – You cannot assume that all users use the same browser or device to access the web. Some are desktop users, while others prefer to use tablets and mobiles. A website that respects their audience will ensure that the user experience is the same regardless of the device used.


As a blogger who is looking for the secret quick path to success, you may have read a number of techniques on how to promote your content and get top rankings in Google but the truth is simpler and pretty much what I have outlined in the 10 SEO rules above. Don’t believe in miracles or in quick fixes, concentrate on your work, ensure that you got the basic rules right and success will come if you are patient enough.

Why Good Design Matters for Your Business

If you’re planning a new web project or website, you’re probably looking to allocate a limited budget across a large variety of design, development, and marketing services. It can be hard to know what to prioritize. Here we’ll explain what good graphic design is, and why it can matter to your business.

That’s why Aarchi InfoTech Services Perth believes in “good website design “. Why I have used good website design term here, it’s simply means, a website design that boost your website and business to new heights. Website design is very important aspect of website. We are here to offer you something different in website design perth which will change your scenario for importance of web development.

website design perth

What is “Design” in a Web Context?

“Design” is quite a broad term, and means something like “How well something is architected to suit its purpose.” A well-designed car, for example, gets good gas mileage, and a badly-designed one crashes for no reason.

Graphic design, which we’re generally talking about here, is more visually focused. It’s about working with the visual presentation typography, layout, colors, logos and branding of a website so that it has the following qualities:

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Internally consistent and consistent with the mission and brand of the organization
  • Easy to use and navigate

Design is inherently subjective, but there’s still a big difference between a well-designed and a poorly-designed site. Like with many things, “You know it when you see it”:

Growing Importance                                                                                

Many or most of your potential customers will check you out online before they ever call you on the phone or step into your office.

Before the internet and social media became such a large part of our lives, businesses wouldn’t necessarily need to worry as much about web design until they had a decent marketing budget. Your customers and business partners would judge your professionalism by the actual service you provided and the quality of interactions they had with you.

Businesses still live and die by the service they offer customers. However, today it’s likely that many or most of your potential customers will check you out online before they ever call you on the phone or step into your office.

Good Design Means a Good First Impression

The image you present though your website and social media pages is your chance to make a first impression.

The image you present though your website and social media pages is your chance to make a first impression. If it’s a poor one, chances are it’ll be the only impression you get to make. If you wouldn’t feel good about keeping a front desk employee who came to work with a face tattoo and holes in their shirt, you shouldn’t feel good about using sloppy or poorly considered design.

Using good design to present your business communicates that you not only have good taste, but a good judgment and self-awareness. The Stanford Web Credibility Project found that 47% of users make buying decisions based upon a business’s site alone. While your customers might not know anything about how your business is run, if you look sharp they’ll be more willing to trust you and give you a chance.

You’ll be Memorable to Customers

Good visuals increase the likelihood that customers will remember your brand.

You want a large customer base that is able to automatically recall your business when opportunities to use and recommend it come up. Creating a great logo, selecting an impactful color palette, and choosing effective fonts are major pieces of establishing a consistent and memorable brand identity, and an important way to encourage customer engagement.

You Won’t Waste your Chance to Establish Brand Recognition

If you’re planning on doing social media marketing, everything you post is an opportunity to increase brand recognition. The launch of your site is the perfect time to drive new traffic to your URL and social media pages. Having a bad or indifferent design not only wastes your opportunity to be remembered, but also risks wasting the time and money you spend marketing. You’ll Make Better Website Design Perth Choices

You’ll have a better sense of whether or not your web design will work if you can picture the final product.

While determining the structure and functionality of your website doesn’t have to hinge on having all your visual ducks in a row, you’ll have a much better sense of whether your website is actually going to work as intended if you can picture the final product.

If you’re like me, accurately judging a theme’s design is a lot easier when you can see it with the typography, colors, and logo you’ve already selected. Since your visual branding should remain consistent for years to come, you can focus on determining if your site will have the functional capabilities it needs to grow with your business.

Why you should have customized web design template?

These days we have readily template available for all most everything! All you need to do is upload picture and content and here you go, but still some people like customized developed web design template for their website development. Now it can debate point which is better? Readily available or customized developed; answer is pretty simple it’s depending on choice and requirement.

At Aarchi Infotech Solutions Perth, we do both customized web design template and readily available template after discussion with client, we offer best solution. When it comes on my choice my first preference is customized web design and website development. We have very inspired designers who love to create beautiful customized creation especially for you , so you can have

website design perth

Custom Web Development

I’m going to address the big, digital elephant in the room: Why invest in a custom website when the barrier to entry is so low these days?

  1. Making websites is hard.

That’s why I have a job. Even if the services mentioned above make it easy to pick a template and update content on your own, it’s difficult to create compelling, interactive and action-oriented content for your users that’s updatable and works well on phones and large screens alike. It’s one big balancing act.

A skilled web team is constantly thinking about your key audiences, making things easy to find, writing and designing great content, making user actions more prominent and connecting these actions to your business operations to make processes more efficient.

  1. Businesses are snowflakes: No two are alike.

Every business we work with has different branding, products, goals and systems, requiring different (read: custom) approaches to developing each website. Even companies in the same field with similar goals will have different products they are promoting, actions associated with those products, and internal processes for handling products and customers. Instead of fitting your business into a pre-defined template, wouldn’t you rather create a website that reflects your business needs?

  1. We create content for people with specific needs.

Many firms design websites for businesses. We design websites for people. At the start of projects, we prioritize users and create personas that outline behaviors and explain how to satisfy our key audiences on the website. These personas guide us throughout the entire development process to make sure we address the needs of real people.

We also consider extreme users, which helps to create better websites for all. Instead of designing only for an average user (female, age 33, 2.1 kids), we’ll also design for the not-so-savvy 68-year-old color-blind male with a middle school education who lacks fine motor skills. Attention to user needs requires time and careful consideration, and it creates a much better web experience for everyone.

  1. Websites don’t exist within a vacuum.

These days, websites are a central part of business and connect to many external services and apps. You might want custom feeds from social media, such as Face book, Twitter or Instagram, on your website. You might want to connect form submissions or user login authentication to your CRM system. You might want to display events from an external calendar, integrate e-commerce or add an e-newsletter sign-up. While there might be plug-in or widgets available to do some of these on template sites, more sophisticated integrations usually require some level of custom web development, especially if you want these features to feel like your website.

  1. All templates have limits.

In an ideal world, there would be an extremely powerful and intuitive template to create websites with no coding involved. Unfortunately, every template we’ve used functions far from this reality. Instead of designing for a business or user, it often feels like we’re designing to fit into the template. Custom web development allows the best of both worlds: building on top of a great content management system to create an easy way for you to update your content and create new layouts so that it displays nicely to users.

In short, these are the reasons we do custom web development for our clients. That said, in some cases, when our clients have fewer technical requirements, a template-based website is the right fit. Both options, though, require an investment in customization to stand out. We’re happy to work with all of our clients to create a website that fits their (and their users’) needs.

Do You Have a Mobile Friendly Website Development?

How much time have you spent online today? Of that time, how much of it was via a mobile device like a Smartphone or tablet? If you’re like many of us, it’s a lot. While mobile usage has skyrocketed in the last few years, many small businesses have been slow to build a mobile friendly website. I’m hoping that is about to change.

Aarchi Infotech Solutions, Perth is specialized in all sorts of website development whether it’s new or re- website developments. We are passionate to offer various range of selection in web design and website development according to your need , choice and budget.

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Why Do We Love Mobile So Much?

Smartphone and Tablet have changed all scenarios, mobile usage has increased drastically. We use both devices to read and response to email, check on projects, invoice clients, order presents, check social media websites, and play silly games like Words with Friends. This increased usage isn’t just a trend brought them. Everyone is using their mobile devices and using them a lot. The Smartphone Tablet also has a hotspot device so they can connect to the internet via these devices when away from home. It is part of our society and culture.

Are You Considering Creating a Mobile Friendly Website?

Up until last year mobile friendly websites were a luxury of large brands or companies with big IT budgets. Then a little thing called responsive design arrived and it changed the mobile landscape for the average business.
Responsive web design allows website developers to best utilize the available screen real estate on desktop and mobile devices. The website adapts in layout without removing massive amounts of web content.
What was once considered a costly expenditure is now part of the standard website design project. Businesses no longer have to create two independent websites or pay to support two websites. They can develop one website that simply adapts to accommodate the smaller footprint of mobile devices.

Benefits of Using Responsive Development

• Captures more mobile traffic
• Captures higher ranking and more search traffic for local terms and phrases
• Improves overall bounce rates because it cuts down on mobile user frustration
• Avoids duplicate content that can result from managing two websites
• Increases online sales (yes people really do buy products off of mobile devices)
• Cheaper than developing separate websites for desktop and mobile usage
• Saves development time because you create only one website
Provides a consistent user experience across devices (as opposed two multiple websites that look and act differently)

Responsive Design According to Google

Let’s take a look at some quotes directly from Google on the subject.
“Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.”
Responsive web design “keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL, which is easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to and for Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content.”

Ready to Go Mobile?

If you’re ready to give your business a mobile friendly website you have a few options. You can hire a website developer to create a custom mobile responsive website that is designed around your business and needs. Or if budget is a major concern, you could purchase a stock WordPress theme that is already mobile responsive.
Aarchi Infotech Solutions, Perth is here to help. Call us today to schedule appointment or conference call. We will love to hear from you, we’ll create a custom design just for you.

Why LOGO Design can boost your business BRAND

Company logo plays vital role in branding image of particular firm. A company’s logo is more than just a basic illustration shared on business cards; it is part of the brand identity that defines the business and helps it to grow, if a company is serious about branding, it will want to pay close attention to the way the brand is visually conveyed to consumers. The most well-known companies in the world always have an identifiable logo, and when people recognize that image, they spread the brand and contribute to the advertising initiative. At Aarchi Infotech solutions, it’s been obsession to create eye-catching logo which can boost up your company branding and bestow your firm recognition among people. Aarchi Infotech Solutions is one of the leading design companies specialize in Logo Design – Perth, Australia.


Different Types of Logos

A logo design does not necessarily have to include an elaborate illustration or mascot. Some very famous logos are simply names in a custom font, or a simple title font with specific placement and colors. We offer logo design according to nature and requirement of latest market trend.

On the contrary, some logo designs do include unique illustrations that become a recognized icon for the business, or even a recognized symbol for the industry. The illustration is often seen instantly with telecommunications, and most car manufacturer logos are recognized immediately by the general public, even by young people who have never driven a car.

Leading with the Logo to Introduce the Website

As a one stop solution, Aarchi Infotech Solutions can create beautiful piece of logo design and can place at just right location when we develop your website. It is rare that a logo will not be included in the header are of a website. Studies show that a majority of web visitors expect to see a logo in the top left corner of a web page, and their eyes tend to travel from the top left corner and slantwise to the right side of the page. On some occasions, the logo may be placed further to the middle or right side of the page, and sometimes it is even placed underneath the navigation menu. This may vary depending on whether the logo is designed in a more vertical or horizontal fashion. When the logo is missing from this area of the website, a visitor may not immediately identify with the brand and have difficulty connecting with the purpose of the website. Furthermore, it is recommended that the logo also be a link to the homepage of the website.

Using Logo Elements in the Background

When a logo has a unique illustration or shape, it may be used as an interesting watermark style background. Sometimes, just a part of the shapes in the logo may be applied to the background of content, or in the background of a header image.

Using Brand Elements in Other Aspects of the Website

All elements of a logo can be considered aspects of the brand, even the color choices. If the accent color in the logo is a deep purple, that same purple may be a nice accent color for the border of the navigation menu, or the heading text in content. If a special font was used in the logo name, it is a good idea to continue using that same font throughout the website, in page titles and subheadings perhaps. Does the logo also include a slogan or motto as a subtitle? This messaging should be considered for additional content throughout the site. For example, if the slogan has a certain playful tone, that same tone can be used in page titles and introduction text on a few inner pages. In one case, we used some stair-like boxes from the icon in a construction company’s logo as a collage style element beside some introduction text on the homepage of the client’s new web design.

It can often be fun to share theme ideas on a website, especially tying in with a special offer or holiday. Linking the theme with your logo is a great way to keep the brand fresh and alive.