How to website design layout trends in 2016

Website design layout invariably changes as a result of same layout design is bed result on the business. Similar to the other field of design, net style trends return and go along with the passing of your time. Not like several different fields, however, net style includes a relentless driver to change: technology. as a result of the idea of the platform is ever dynamic , a number of the trends in style for the net are as a results of enhancements to what is potential the maximum amount as a mirrored image on dynamic  style.

2015 has been a stimulating year in terms of website design perth. The visual landscape for net designers has remained mostly because it was in 2014, with solely a refinement of the minimalist approach that has become widespread over the past few years. beneath the aesthetic treatment of pages, however, the net has been quietly progressing.

website design perth

Bellow Some Points of website design layouts trends in 2016

  1. Front-page Carousels

These days, carousels appear to be everyplace. they will add visual interest and scale back muddle. however with their overwhelming use, they’ve created plenty of web sites feel kitchen utensil.

Not to mention, there’s AN argument that this can be one trend we must always place to rest.

A few things to consider:

  • Carousels are dangerous for SEO. The shortage of content means it’s troublesome to induce Meta info into a page. This can be very true as Google not crawls meta keywords (although Bing does) then can take keyword info from the page. Of course, you’ll be able to have the word count below the carousel, within the body of the page. Most sliders though’ contain headers that are wrapped in H1, and these modification once the slider will and in and of itself, devalue keywords among them.
  • Adversely have an effect on performance. Usually carousels contain high-res pictures that ar under-optimized and in and of itself, weigh down the load time of the front page – that because the most vital page on the positioning ought to load as quickly as potential. Sliders conjointly build use of JavaScript or jQuery, which might conjointly boost performance headaches.
  • Pushes Content down below the fold. Whereas higher than the fold content is probably not as vital because it once was (we all skills to scroll these days), it’s still not counseled by Google that you just push content lower down the page. Whereas the search giant’s recommendations are supported ad content higher than the fold, a carousel very doesn’t supply a lot of within the manner important to the user – it’s simply pretty.
  • Tends to be inaccessible. Even the simplest frameworks out there can’t absolutely solve the problems of accessibility that surround carousels as there is such a large amount of to deal with.

All of this can be to not say that you just shouldn’t use carousels in the least in your styles, however you ought to have an honest reason for his or her inclusion other than that the shopper likes it. Carousels will work, however they ought to be fastidiously crafted and optimized to make sure that they don’t compromise married woman and accessibility.

The slippy animation powering carousels, as an example, is definitely a useful gizmo for different style components. As an example, you’ll be able to strive a slippy navigation drawer for your mobile viewport. As shown within the below image created in UXPin with the no-code animations editor, the slippy animation permits the user to “shelve” and reveal content pro re nata.

  1. Almost-Flat style

Before the almost-flat or semi-flat net design, there was the flat design. the thought behind the latter was a glance stripped of all fluff and frills – victimisation daring colours, easy shapes and straightforward typography. the foremost well-known example is that the Windows eight interface – that didn’t move, sadly.

So, to eliminate the issues of flat style whereas maintaining its higher qualities, designers came up with almost-flat. Here, some components ar given depth and dimension to balance out the flatness of the opposite components. Gmail best demonstrates the sweetness of almost-flat style, as shown below.

  1. Vertical Patterns and Scrolling

A bigger leaning toward mobile – with some thinking mobile traffic might equal desktop traffic this year – suggests that a lot of sites ar being designed with vertical user flows.

A few years agene, we tend to were all debating the tip of the net style solely to search out it roaring back as a vital interaction tool. Smaller screens lead users to scroll a lot of and designers to make user interfaces that ar way more vertical in nature.

  1. Block grids

The page is split into many blocks – symmetrical or asymmetrical. These blocks could also be all identical size, if the weather are of equal importance, or completely different sizes, primarily based upon the order of importance of the content that’s displayed. These modules is used on pages aside from simply the house page, and, also ar designed to be versatile, therefore on modification size to suit full laptop screens or reduced to suit screens of mobile devices.

The first example below is for ‘Greats’, a corporation that markets men’s shoes primarily via its web site. the web site functions as its showcase or catalogue, and, as a result of all shoes ar of equal importance, the grid is in equal blocks.

  1. High-Quality Static pictures

Think your website’s too plain? strive adding a picture or 2 to the background. It is one, conspicuous icon spanning the complete page, or a series of photos that tell your brand’s story.

  1. Responsive Frontend Frameworks

Frontend frameworks like Bootstrap are around for years and still prove helpful on comes each personal and skilled. Responsive style has forced its manner into frameworks and created a requirement for frontend code rather than simply backend (Django, Laravel, etc).

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