How can you make SEO successful ?

SEO strategies have gone through incredible amounts of evolution over the last year. From algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda to new search engine restrictions on over optimization and spammy links, optimization methods for getting the best rankings in search engines all across the web have advanced. The recent power of social sharing has had a huge effect on search, and search engine company recommendations to get the best rankings in their search engines have changed as crawl tactics are getting smarter. SEOs of all levels have had to re-learn strategies and best practices to make sure their website’s SEO is set up for winning results.

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SEO rules are nothing more than guidelines on how to approach your blogging projects. Success or failure depends on your objectives but in general these 10 SEO rules are everything you need to know to stay in the right track. It is worth noting that besides small businesses the majority of people pursuing online success are bloggers. One of the most difficult tasks especially for beginners to blogging is identifying what works in terms of SEO and website promotion and what can get you in trouble. The plethora of SEO services Perth tips and advice on the web makes the situation worse because you don’t know who to trust and why.

  1. You need to make sure that your domain is ‘clean’

Sometimes this is the root cause of blogging failure. This happens when people purchase a domain without knowing the history behind it. When a domain is penalized by Google it is sometimes very difficult to recover and this makes your job harder. Beginners may lose their hope and give up believing that what they are doing is not generating any results while the real cause of the problem is the fact that the domain has a penalty. Similar is the situation when your own domain is penalized after a Google update. In such cases it may be easier to forget about it and start clean on a new domain rather than trying to fix it by removing the imposed penalties.

  1. You need to create a professional looking website

A professionally designed website that is also SEO optimized is more attractive for users and search engines. Design and user experience is now more important than ever. By professional design we don’t always mean that you have to buy a theme or hire a designer. There are many free themes for your blogging platform that are optimized for search engines and with a bit of work on the design you can create a nice and professional website.

3 You need to create a fast website

We are living a period where speed rules the web. All technology companies are trying to make the web faster and Google is leading the way by making their products faster and by adding speed as one of the ranking factors. Their goal is to help users find what they want in the fastest possible way, that’s why the produce fast pcs, fast browsers and they operate the World’s most popular and fastest search engine!A fast loading website encourages users to visit more pages keeping them more time on the site. In addition, various studies have also shown that fast websites produce better conversions.

4 You need to register with Google authorship

Google authorship is one of the ways to build website trust. SEO has moved away from link building and more importance is given to trusted authors and high quality websites.Google authorship is a first attempt from Google to break the anonymity of the web and associate a human identity with the content available in their search engine. Their goal is to give more preference to content that is produced by experts and people who are trusted versus content that is published on the web without a valid identity.

5 You need to publish long quality content

It seems that both quality and quantity are important for achieving high rankings. If you regularly publish high quality content that is also more than 1500 words, you are better off than bloggers who publish mediocre content that is also short in length. A number of people may disagree that content length is important for rankings but for some niches this is 100% true. Some tests have shown that articles that spam over 1500 words are more likely to rank higher than shorter articles but the best way to find out if this is true or not is to check with your niche. Search Google for a number of terms and check the top positions. If the returned results satisfy the above rule then most probably these claims are applicable for your niche as well.

6 You need to follow Copywriting tips

When you are ready to publish your next blog post, before hitting the publish button make sure that you have followed copyright tips.Proper copywriting can help good content stand out or even make not so good content look better.

7 Don’t forget about on-page SEO

You cannot refer to SEO rules without taking into account on page SEO. Under some circumstances I would say that SEO rules and on page SEO are the same thing but the way that the SEO industry is changing, makes it necessary to distinguish between the two. SEO Rules cover a more broad area that goes outside the boundaries of a website while on-page SEO is about the page itself and how to optimize it better.

8 Socialize Media

Social is the new way to market your website. Social media marketing is an integrated part of digital marketing and one of the most efficient ways to promote your website and brand across the web.Besides the marketing aspect, by ‘socializing‘ you are not only benefiting in terms of SEO but you also get maximum return from your promotion efforts.

9 Be careful with off page SEO

This is not the right period to practice link building. If you still believe that SEO is about building links to gain rankings then you are living in the wrong decade! After April 2012 SEO has changed and the focus is once more into creating high quality websites and less into trying to manipulate Google algorithms.Off page SEO is still important but the rules have changed and adopting practices of the past will get you into trouble. Instead of rushing into creating low quality links, purchasing link packages or hiring a fake SEO company, you better use your time and money efficiently by creating top quality content .

10 Respect your audience

SEO is about the user and one of the things you need to do is respect your audience. In my view respect has to do with: Providing accurate information – nobody can tell you what to write in your blog but if you provide information that is not accurate is like telling your readers not to trust you again. Providing up-to date information – nobody wants to read outdated news or information. Even if it is an old article, if there are new developments in the area it is your responsibility to update the page to reflect the recent changes.Making your website accessible to a number of devices – You cannot assume that all users use the same browser or device to access the web. Some are desktop users, while others prefer to use tablets and mobiles. A website that respects their audience will ensure that the user experience is the same regardless of the device used.


As a blogger who is looking for the secret quick path to success, you may have read a number of techniques on how to promote your content and get top rankings in Google but the truth is simpler and pretty much what I have outlined in the 10 SEO rules above. Don’t believe in miracles or in quick fixes, concentrate on your work, ensure that you got the basic rules right and success will come if you are patient enough.

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